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Benefits overview

Provider Benefit
Black Squirrel20% off the TOTAL BILL upto $25.00
The Glass Onion SocietyOne complimentary upgrade from a SMALL coffee to a MEDIUM coffee
MODERN TOURISM2% - 5% OFF All Products
Hashim Phone5% OFF All Products
Jasmine Perfume15% OFF All Products
Ishtar Office10% OFF All Products
Fiskespa med doktorfisk15% off Garra Rufa fish foot treatment
Tapas for 215% student discount on tapas for 2
Gifts Made Personal10% off
Sushi for 215% off sushi for 2
Ølsmagning15% student discount on beer tasting
Jasmine Perfume15% OFF All Products
Unibox£5 off your first box!
InterGift10% off
Gå amok i en pølsevogn15% off a hotdog truck
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