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Benefits overview

Provider Benefit
Dr.Shoes40% off shoe selection
Guess Debrecen -Cherry20% off clothing
Stilisimo50% off haircuts
Tendencia50% off haircuts
Selvatica15% off adventure tours
Dental clinic DUODENT10% off fillings and dental treatment, 20% off descaling
AvtoŇ°ola vezi10% off on driving lessons
Bodi Studio Wizzard10 EUR off haircut for men
Bodi Studio Wizzard30 EUR off hair styling
Fratello by BAJ fast foodFree pancake with purchase of full pizza
Center of foreign languages OLE 15% off foreign language courses, 10% off translation (to and from Spanish)
Public library Pozega30% off annual membership fee
Center of sport Pozega10% off season ticket for the pool, 10% off day ticket, 15% off on Wednesdays
ZZ Zajedno do posla 55% off print and copy in black and white, 10% off color printing once a month
Fuji Japanese Restaurant10% off food
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