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Area52 - Trampoline park

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Area52 - Trampoline park

Address & contact details

str. Okolovrasten pat 211 Sofia website

AREA 52 is the new epicenter of fun! The largest tramp park in Bulgaria is already a fact, and you can cause gravity and jump at trampolines until the level of endorphins reaches the maximum. Small and large can enjoy physical activity and choose between different challenges.


You decide whether to make spaceballs, run on a wall, make a gladiator battle with a friend, visit a unique AirFit class, jump into a huge airbag to balance the tensioned rope, test your dexterity with monkey blocks, climb the moving beams, test the strength of the body and the strength of the grip as you go through the workout network, trigger your strength and intellect with the interactive wall, feel the joy of climbing, or jump into another experience!

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