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Burger Chef

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Burger Chef

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str. Dr. Georgi Stranski 3 Plovdiv website

Everyone knows that a delicious burger depends mostly on the beef prepared with it. This is why Burger Chef's team relies on quality and reasonable price and offers 2 classes of veal - CHEF Classic and Black Angus. They use only the freshest and most fresh vegetables, hot sesame breads, which they prepare thoroughly every day, as well as some of the most spicy spices. Prepare their sauces in place with special recipes and all for the sole purpose of preparing the burgers the way they would win you.

At Burger Chef you can also find a great variety of chicken burgers. Their team strives to satisfy all the wishes of the client, so their menu diversifies fresh salads, a dietary series of whole grain tortillas, french fries and toasted rounds.

Due to the presence of such a varied range of products in their menu, people who have a vegan or vegetarian way of life are also welcome.


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