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Locked In A Room

10% off all games

Locked In A Room

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Building 11, Explore Lane BS1 5TY Bristol website

About this benefit:
All ISIC cardholders can enjoy 10% off all games at Locked In A Room in Bristol. Just flash your valid card when booking your ticket. 


About Locked In A Room: 

Locked In A Rom is the UK's largest live immersive escape game experience. Participants have a total of 60 minutes and are "Locked In A Room" with a series of tests, puzzels, and clues that, combined with teamwork, will allow the unlocking of the room's mystery and hopefully a usccessful escape, challenging them every step of the way, creating an unforgettable experience. 

To access this benefit, you must show your ISIC card at the benefit location as proof of your academic status before you make your purchase.

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