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TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE - 50% off entrance ticket



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Machu Picchu Cusco website

The Regional Culture Directorate of Cusco in Peru has published on its website that the student discount policy for entrance tickets to Machu Picchu has been changed with immediate effect. As a consequence, the ISIC card is no longer being accepted by them. Instead, non-Peruvian students must now be in possession of valid student visa issued by the Peruvian government in order to qualify for a student discount. In practice, this means that there is no longer any discount available for foreign students simply visiting Peru as tourists.

This unfortunate step was undertaken by the Cusco authorities without any prior consultation with the ISIC organisation. We are now endeavouring to see if we can find a way forward to restore ISIC’s long-standing partnership with Machu Picchu. Our discount details for Machu Picchu will be updated once there is any news to report.

In the meantime, we thank our cardholders for their understanding.


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