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10% off


Sexwell stores have traditionally good service, professional attitude and care for their personal clients preferences. In them, in cozy, clean and discreet surroundings, you can find a great variety of products for your sexual health and comfort. Discreetly present in the streets of Sofia and Varna, the Sexwell stores color our daily life, reminding us of who we are, what our desires are and inviting us to give them their will and passion.

With your valid ISIC / ITIC card, you get 10% off when shopping online or at some of Sexwell's physical sites, and throughout December you get a free delivery of any order made with a valid ISIC / ITIC!

What do you need to get a 10% purchase discount?

If you are in a Sexwell shop, show your ISIC / ITIC to the cashier. The sales consultant will check the validity and make a discount.

If you prefer to shop online, enter your card number (the format is S 359 ... for ISIC or T 359 ... for ITIC) in the Discount box in the consumer basket and click on the discount button "%". The site will check the validity of the card and the value of the order will decrease by 10%.

Easily and discreetly get a 10% discount on each purchase while holding a valid ISIC / ITIC! Share your sexuality freely and with respect to your values ​​and those of your partner! 

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valid for: ISIC ITIC

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