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15% off


About this benefit:
All ISIC, IYTC, and ITIC cardholders can enjoy a 15% off portable blenders at smoovii. Click the link above to verify your card and get your promo code!


About smoovii:

Live Healthier. Anywhere. Anytime. That's the mission at smoovii. smoovii empowers people to live healthier by enabling them to make delicious and nutritious smoothies wherever they are!

smoovii is an innovative new product in the health tech space with its unique 2 piece design and USB rechargeable battery allowing you to use it at work, at the gym, at home, or on the road! Oh and it's the easiest to clean blender on the market...just add water, a drop of soap and blendwash for 30 seconds. 

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valid for: ISIC ITIC IYTC

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