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Sugaring - Brasiliansk hårfjerning

51% student discount


Skin Differenz

Sugaring - Brasiliansk hårfjerning

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Frederiksberg Allé 44 Frederiksberg website

Sugaring is a method of hair removal using sukker wax made by sugar and water. Sugaring gets a better result, minimizing broken hairs and ingrowing hairs. 

Try the waxing at Skin Differenz at Frederiksberg and save 51% with your ISIC card. 


Note: You have to buy online and before December 24th 2017.

Use the gift certificate before March 31st 2018. 

Normal price: 550 DKK

ISIC price: 269 DKK

First go online, then to location
valid for: ISIC

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