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5 EUR off photo printing


Tonki is a cut cardboard sheet, on which we print all types of pictures. Tonki is sent flat to the customer with instructions attached and in a few steps, the customer turns it into an original object to hang or put down. Being a single-product brand, production also is optimized at the maximum and allows very fast production and delivery times for a customizable product (in Italy, 1 to 3 working days). The acquisition experience is very simple, it’s possible to upload pictures from social networks or from the photo gallery of the phone. All ISIC-ITIC-IYTC cardholders will save 5€ on the first order. The promo code should be inserted into  “promotional code” space, in the checkout section before complete your order. This offer is may not be combined with any other offers or promotions. Ask now for your promocode!

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valid for: ISIC ITIC IYTC

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