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Lands of the Midnight Sun

Have you ever dreamed of a day that never ends, when time loses its relevance and you can roam the streets, woods and shores day and night? This is summer in the Nordics, where the sun does not set at all during Midsummer. Feel the warmth of the Nordic people and take a road trip from chic Copenhagen to the stunning fjords of Norway and on to cultural Sweden, continue to the land of a thousand lakes of Finland and arrive in Lapland and experience the magic of tundra’s endless sunshine.

How to get around?

The public transportation in the Nordics is quite reliable and a fantastic way to experience the scenery and local culture during your travels to the North. Some places are more remote and if you are heading to the wilderness with your friends, it is worthwhile to have a car. The top ways for an ISIC cardholder to travel around the Nordics are:

  • The international FlixBus – Europe’s largest intercity bus network
  • Swedish national railway SJ – operating throughout Sweden and linking to Scandinavia’s capitals: Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.
  • The reliable, multi-location Europcar – a global leader in car rental where you can hire a car or a commercial van from any one of their many rental locations worldwide.

all of which have a student discount for ISIC.

Touch of the North

We have picked out some of the most iconic and varied destinations to visit with your ISIC:

Tivoli Friheden, Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark is home to some great amusement parks, in Tivoli Friheden you can ride to your heart’s content. With rides such as 5D Cinemagic, the wild Cobra rollercoaster and Denmark’s highest Ferris Wheel! Make Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus your first stop on your experience in the North! Enjoy the rides for a whopping 40% discount with your ISIC card


Viking Ship Museum, Norway

When visiting the land of the fjords, majestic mountains and tiny fishing villages on the Atlantic coast of Norway, why not stop by the Viking ship museum in Oslo! The museum entails the best-preserved Viking ships of the world as well as a splendid gem of a shop full of exciting objects and books about the Viking age. Immerse yourself in the Norse Viking history before heading north to the most dramatic coastal scenery of all the Nordics. Visit the Viking Ship Museum with ISIC & get 2×1 and 20NOK off entrance fee


Royal Opera, Sweden

Sweden is known for its splendid music, so we wanted to give you a piece of culture as a taste of Stockholm. The Royal Swedish Opera has functioned since 1773 and like all celebrated institutions of freedom and expression tells all the great stories of tragedy and romance. You can also embark on a tour around the opera and hear some of the stories that the walls entail. This summer the opera presents summer concerts and the opera Dracula – not for the faint hearted. Visit the Royal Opera in Stockholm with ISIC & save 50% off entrance fee


Arktikum Science Centre, Finland

A trip to the Nordics during Midsummer’s nightless night is not complete without a trip to Lapland above the arctic circle. Spot reindeers on your way to the capital of Lapland Rovaniemi and Arktikum, the Arctic science and culture centre. Learn all about Arctic nature, the sea life and the culture of Lapland, including the only indigenous people of Europe, The Sami. With the light in your heart and the wind in your hair, head all the way North and roam the fjells in tundra while watching the never-setting sun. Visit the Arktikum Science Centre with ISIC & save 4 EUR off entrance fee