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Learning Spanish in Latin America

There are many things that you can’t grasp until being on the ground and interacting with the local people and being exposed to real life situations. ISIC has partnered up with some great language schools to help you boost your Spanish, while making the most of your time in Latin America!

Choose your destination: Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru


Buenos Aires
Whether you’re looking for urban culture, exquisite cuisine or nightlife that doesn’t stop, this vibrant metropolis leaves little room for disappointment. Buenos Aires is definitely a hot spot – for not only travelers, but also language learners.







CASA Spanish Academy
CASA Spanish Academy puts an emphasis on building a community of Spanish teachers and students, making the school a home away from home for those who enroll. They run group or private courses, at an intensive or slower pace – you name it! They’ve got it! Beside regular classes, the passionate instructors also provide an insider’s view into the traditions that are significant to the Argentine people – like sharing a sip of mate or hunting for the best street food.
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IW Language School
Conveniently located near the subway, in between the famous neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta, IW Language school combines Spanish learning with a cultural deep dive. Whether you are interested in a standard or more intense program, you will certainly find coursework tailored to suit you. And, when you’re not in class, planned events -such as a visit to an art gallery or a tango course- offer further immersion. If you want to explore more, the school can also help you plan day or weekend excursions to Mendoza to visit its gorgeous vineyards or the wonderful Iguazu waterfalls to name but a few!
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Looking for more interactive ways to keep Spanish fresh between classes?
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Palacio Barolo
With a design inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, Palacio Barolo is divided into hell, purgatory and heaven, and is a unique attempt to marry literature and architecture.
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Food & Drink
For some of the juiciest burgers in town, head to one of the dozens Mostaza restaurants and choose between extra, mega deluxe or double mega deluxe bacon!
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Fancy a cup of coffee or something to cool you off? How about sipping on a cappuccino or smoothie.
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Biker Street
Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo, Palermo, Cementerio de Recoleta: stay fit while seeing a little bit of everything along the way!
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Bar Crawl Buenos Aires
Make new friends and have the time of your life as you experience the very best Buenos Aires’ bustling nightlife!
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Play Hostel
For a budget, yet fun holiday, look no further! Play Hostel offers pop music-themed décor in a renovated colonial-style house.
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Nestled in Patagonia, at the footfall of the Andes and on the banks of the immense Nahuel Huapi Lake, Bariloche is the perfect escape from the bustling capital. Combining a Spanish course with magnificent scenery and plenty of outdoor opportunities all year-round, doesn’t seem like a bad idea, right?







La Montaña Spanish School
With more than 15 years of experience, La Montaña Spanish School has everything you need for a dynamic learning experience that lives up to the views: crash programs, CELU/DELE exam preparation, group or one-on-one lessons.
Whether you choose to stay with a host family or at a hostel, you will always be within easy walking distance of the school, and you will have the chance to join at least 3 after class activities per week.
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Aguas Blancas Rafting
While in the heart of the Andes, push your boundaries and raft down the fast and furious rapids of Manso River with our ISIC discount! > 15% off tours

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Vibrant street art, a lively café scene, great culture at your fingertips and a nightlife that will leave you needing a vacation from your vacation – these are some of Bogota’s distinctive features. And, for some additional sightseeing, every Sunday morning about 100km of roads are closed off to cars, turning the city into the ultimate DIY gym. Studying in Bogota is the perfect way to take your Spanish to a whole new level!







Nueva Lengua
Week or weekend courses, standard or more intensive: Nueva Lengua boasts options that fit all learners’ needs, including training for your future professional career.
Outside the classroom, attending extracurricular events is a sure-fire way to maximize your language learning: don’t be shy, join free dance or cooking lessons, go visit a museum or take part in a city tour. And, if you want to give something back to the community, Nueva Lengua has also designed a special volunteering program. With branches in Medellin and Cartagena, this institution is certainly providing the complete experience for a trip to Colombia!
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Hop aboard a vintage steam train and take in the majestic sights of the Colombian savannah landscape along the way. Before returning to Bogota, make sure you visit the salt mines and the underground salt cathedrals of Zipaquirá, and the idyllic village of Cajicá.
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Food & Drink
With more than 150 locations all over the country, this is the place to go if you are craving a burger. Choose among a cheeseburger, a super chicken burger or a super cheese hotdog, pair it with a small portion of fries and a soda. You must be getting hungry just thinking about it!
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Bogota Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping, paragliding or parachuting: feel your adrenaline levels surge and enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city and its surroundings!
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Cadiz Theatre
This 1970s abandoned cinema was given a second life and converted into a vibrant cultural center fifteen years ago. Discover all upcoming plays and live performances!
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Fátima Hostels
Tucked away in the bustling streets of Bogota’s trendiest neighborhood, La Candelaria, these hostels offer an affordable stay close to hip new bars and hole-in-the-wall cafes.
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The vibrant metropolis of Guadalajara is sprinkled with fashionable restaurants, young art centers and cultural attractions. The birthplace of mariachi music and tequila, it offers some unique Mexican experiences that you won’t find in the capital city – plus, it is a great spot to work on your Spanish!







IMAC Spanish Language Programs
Conveniently situated in the historic center, IMAC offers programs for every learner – whether you are a traveler or want to focus on a specific area of the Spanish language -such as business, medicine or law.  If you are a German student, you will be pleased to know that this institution has been incorporated into the Bildungsurlaub school patron. When you’re not in class, embrace the spirit of Guadalajara and sign up for a free extracurricular activity like city tours, salsa or guitar lessons. And, for a reasonable fee, you can see where tequila is made, explore the ancient Guachimontones pyramids or soak up nature in the Sierra Madre mountains.
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TapatÍo Tour
Hop off and on wherever you wish, discover Guadalajara’s cathedral with its distinctive neo-Gothic towers, the Millennium Arches and the other city’s landmarks from an open top double decker bus.
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Food & Drink
Casa Bariachi
This barnlike restaurant-bar, with piñatas and colorful paper hanging from the ceiling, offers nice margaritas that go down pretty well during a mariachi performance.
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Birria, torta ahogada, pozole rojo, jericalla – discover authentic Mexican ingredients and flavors, and dine with locals in their homes! Already salivating over all the possibilities?
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Selva Mágica
Spend the day zipping down roller coasters, plunging down waterfall slides, go-karting and enjoying the 30 other attractions offered by this amusement park!
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Imagine learning Spanish in one of the most beautiful and historic locations in Latin America! With its enchanting blend of cultures, picturesque cobblestone streets and houses built on Inca foundations, Cusco is a very unique destination to work on your fluency!







AMAUTA Spanish School
Intensive programs intended to get you up-to-speed in no time, or more slow-paced lessons – AMAUTA has it covered! Fostering the belief that language and culture are both integral parts of studying abroad, the school also provides a lot of extracurricular activities, such as Peruvian cooking or traditional music classes. And, if you are interested in volunteering, AMAUTA has several ongoing projects, including working with needy children and in nursing homes.
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Academia Latinoamericana de Español
These Spanish programs operate all year-round, with open enrollment dates, and accommodate the needs of complete beginners, as well as those of more advanced students.
If one of the items on your adventure agenda is exploring more of Peru and South America, this is the perfect place for you. Next to the regular classes, venturing out is in fact highly encouraged and staff will facilitate travel plans.
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Museo de Arte Precolombino
Dating from between 1250 BC and AD 1532, the artifacts show off the artistic and cultural achievements of many of Peru’s ancient cultures.
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Food & Drink
La Feria
Do you know that quinoa was cultivated by the Incas and has since been a staple food across the country? Enjoy some authentic Peruvian dishes in this cheerful restaurant with gorgeous plaza views.
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Inkan Milky Way Tours
Meet fellow travelers and make new friends while you uncover Cuzco’s gems around every corner.
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Rock & Roll’Os
Great live music, a nice drink, a slice or two of good pizza and a welcoming ambience: those are killer combinations for an unforgettable evening in Cuzco.
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Kokopelli Hostel
Filled with random artworks and decoration, plus an awesome pisco bar and nightclub, Kokopelli is certainly a great source for your Insta feed.
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