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Round 4 Winners (Spring 2018)

Jingbang (Austin), Chinese, studying Master of Public Policy in the UK

Ozioma, Nigerian, studying Masters in Electrical Engineering in the USA


Round 3 Winners (Autumn 2017)

A total of €40,000 was awarded to four winners for round 3 of the Global Study Awards

How did the winners perform in the final interview?

Round 2 Winners (Autumn 2016)

6 winners selected for round 2 of the Global Study Awards

Aparajeeta Ghosh (28) from India, Ho Wing Yu (24) from Hong Kong, Jieh-hen Tsung (25) from Taiwan, Jürgen Stolzlechner (27) from Austria, Miriam Omar (28) from Malaysia, and Rana Burqan (23) from Palestinian Territories, were selected as our second round of winners.

Country of origin: Malaysia
“Sometimes, the enormity of one’s dreams may be overwhelming, but once they are broken down into smaller steps the journey to reaching them becomes less daunting and more manageable. The only thing left to do, then, is to do it.”

Jiehhen100Country of origin: Taiwan, China
“Two years ago, when I started my plan of studying abroad, I wouldn’t dare think of winning an award as big as this one. I am very grateful for the belief in my potential. There were many ups and downs. The Global Study Awards is without a doubt the climax of this journey.”

Ho Wing
Country of origin: Hong Kong, China
Yuhowing100“The word “University” in Chinese means “Great Learning”. Only by exposing ourselves to multiple cultures do we learn to appreciate a variety of values and identify our own positions in the world. The Global Study Awards opened another door for me to embrace diversity and promote mental health literacy worldwide.”

Country of origin: West BankRana100
“There is a big mountain ahead of me; but with the help of the Global Study Awards team,
I will enjoy the journey to the fullest level. This Master Degree will enhance my experience, making me a stronger, more effective person with dynamic communication skills. I am ready to get to know this new culture and language. Greece here I come!”


Country of origin: Austria
“I am working on promoting a more respectful and sustainable society and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity that The Global Study Awards provides me: the chance to inspire others to follow my example and never stop stretching their minds!”

Country of origin: IndiaAparajeeta 100
“I believe that the world is an oyster in terms of opportunities; and just when I decided to inch forward towards the pearl, The Global Study Awards brought me many steps closer to the process of reaching my dreams. In the future, I hope to give the world the gift that this award has given me: smiles.”

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Round 1 Winners (Spring 2016)

Girl power rewarded – first round goes to three female winners from Germany, Kenya and Uganda.

Eylem Elma (29) from Germany, Roberta Jean-Marie Magoba (19) from Uganda, and Emily Wakesho Buziba (24) from Kenya, were the three lucky winners who were selected to receive the first ever Global Study Awards awards.


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