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Explore these ultimate Aussie & Kiwi adrenaline rushes with ISIC!

Australia and New Zealand are an adventure playground, with more ways to get your heart racing and your pulse pumping than just about anywhere.

Skydive – various locations, Australia

Experience the ultimate thrill of freefall at over 200km/h for up to an insane 60 seconds. Then, once the parachute opens, you’ve got a few minutes of serenity to admire some of Australia’s most spectacular beach, city and bushland panoramas.

You are spoilt for choice with the several drop zones on offer. The views don’t come any better than this and with our ISIC discount you can make some great savings!

$30 off a tandem skydive

iFLY – Perth, Australia

If planes and parachutes are not your thing, take the leap and get ready to feel the rush of free fall in an indoor wind tunnel.

Simply float effortlessly into flight, guided by one of the qualified iFLY instructors. The 360-degree glass tunnel and all-round viewing platform will let you share the magic with your friends!

While in Perth, test your inner courage and book with our ISIC discount!

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Behana Canyoning – Cairns, Australia

One of the locals best kept secrets, Behana Gorge is a rainforest oasis of pools, waterfalls and canyons, about a 30-minute drive south of Cairns.

Abseiling, cliff jumping, rock sliding, swimming right under the waterfalls – if you’re after an ultimate adventure with stunning scenery, then look no further.

Immerse yourself in the fresh beautiful waters of Behana Gorge and get a fantastic deal with our ISIC discount!

$30 off canyoning adventures

Tandem Skydiving – Taupo, New Zealand

Formed by a volcanic explosion in AD 186, the vast and shimmering Lake Taupo lies in the caldera and is New Zealand’s largest lake.

What better way to see its fresh blue waters and the surrounding snow tipped peaks, than with a bird’s eye view? Jump out of the aircraft from up to 15,000ft and into an incredible 60-second freefall over the world’s most scenic drop zone.

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Bungy & Cliffhanger – Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo has a staggering number of activities to choose from.

Want to descend into the crystal-clear waters of the Waikato River? New Zealand’s highest bungy jump (47m!) is a real blast, whether you want to go solo or tandem. Or, do you prefer to swing past impressive cliff faces at 70 km/h? The Taupo Cliffhanger is a feet-first freefall and mind-blowing rush!

The choice is yours – step outside your comfort zone! With your ISIC this offer just got better!

$30 off Bungy Jump or Cliffhanger Extreme Swing

OGO – Rotorua, New Zealand

While in Rotorua, take a wild and wacky ride in an “Outdoor Gravity Orb”. The OGO is like a spaceship – except it flies down a hill instead of outer space.

Straight, Sidewinder, Big Air or Mega Ride – with four different tracks to choose from, wet or dry ride styles, OGO Rotorua offers every thrill seeker a taste of fun and adventure!

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