About ISIC Association

The ISIC card was first created by students for students in 1953.

Who is behind the ISIC?

The ISIC Association is the non-profit organisation behind the management, growth and development of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

Registered in Denmark, the ISIC Association is a non-profit membership organisation composed of 150+ community members (46 full member organizations). It is governed by the ISIC Association Constitution and Convention and overseen by the ISIC Association Board. Day-to-day central administration and operations are undertaken by the ISIC Service Office.

Students holding ISIC cards
ISIC female

Making Student Life Better

The Mission of the ISIC Association is ‘Making student life better’. This mission will be advanced by playing a key supporting role in the lives of students globally in helping make their student time easier, more affordable and more enjoyable via facilitating the international recognition of their official student status.

The Objective of the Association is for the ISIC to become the must-have for students worldwide. This objective will be advanced by increasing access to educational opportunities, facilitating student life, fostering intercultural understanding and educational exchange, and forging stronger relationships between students of all nationalities and the global academic community.