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It remains our overarching goal to ensure that the ISIC card is made available to all students worldwide, whether they choose to study domestically or opt to study abroad. This objective reflects one of the founding principles of the ISIC card to ensure the ISIC card reaches “as many students as possible in as many countries as possible”.

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The Global Distribution Network

The ISIC issuance and distribution network is made up of Exclusive Representatives (ERs), Provisional Exclusive Representatives (PERs) and Appointed Offices (AOs). ISIC issuers are appointed by the ISIC Association to distribute the ISIC card, and are responsible for the verification, issuance and distribution of ISIC within their territory.

Tap into the Student Market

Becoming an ISIC distributor allows your organization to establish itself as a trusted student service provider. ISIC cards are recognized and accepted by universities, institutions, and governments worldwide, making them a reliable and reputable form of student identification.

By offering ISIC cards, you can provide students with a valuable and internationally recognized form of identification and access to exclusive discounts and benefits. This not only generates revenue from the sale of the cards but also opens up opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with businesses that offer discounts to ISIC cardholders.

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What is Needed to Apply?

The process of becoming an ISIC Association distributor usually begins with the partner initially becoming an Appointed Office in a territory. This enables the prospective partner to become familiar with ISIC, gain experience and build a network of benefits.

If, however, an applicant believes that they are capable of developing ISIC within a territory and that they understand the complexities of the ISIC business, then they may directly submit an application for Provisional Exclusive Representative (PER) status to the ISICA. The application may only be made for a territory in which no ER or PER exists. You can find the list of open territories without ISIC ER or PER here.

Also please check the current Local Card Selling Pricelist, established by the ISIC Association for the Open Markets.

How to Start Issuing Cards?

To start the application process please submit the Expression of Interest pertaining to an Open Territory to the ISIC Service Office through our contact form or e-mail to

Upon receiving this interest, the ISIC Service Office sends the application guidelines to all interested organizations. The ISIC Service Office remains the main point of contact during the whole process.

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