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Benefits overview

Provider Benefit
Navtični tečaji20% off Exam for boats up to 7m and 10HP
Navtični tečaji10% off course of sailing and seamanship for beginners
Navtični tečaji20% off VHF GMDSS exam
Navtični tečaji20% off Exam for skipper for inland waters
Navtični tečaji10% off regatta sailing course
Navtični tečaji10% off Course seamanship with speedboat
Al Son De Los Santos10% off accommodation
Sir Williams pub10% off all products
Universidad Latina65% off registration plus 10% off monthly fees
Green Light Gourmet Pizza20% off total bill
Catre de mi Corazón15% off accommodation
Río Secreto25% off basic tour
Parapark20% off game
Dainavos sporto klubas7%off student membership (gym membership) price.
Genjoga15% off everything
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