Empowering Digital Education: Highlights from ESC Academy Pro Training in Prague!

ESC Academy Pro is on a mission to drive the adoption of the European Student Card initiative, leading Higher Education into a more streamlined and advanced digital landscape. Project partners, including the European Students’ Union, International Student Identity Card, Global Youth and Student Community, Federation of Estonian Student Unions, Student Chamber of the Council of HEIs, and Out of The Box Europe, gathered in Prague from Nov 10-11 for the ESC Academy Pro Training.

Key Highlights:

  • Over 50 participants (member organizations, project partners, and representatives from higher education institutions) gained valuable insights into the project’s goals, focusing on its potential to improve education through digital advancements.
  • The primary objective of this training was to empower stakeholders, equipping them to actively participate in the national implementation of the ESC, thereby further enhancing the educational experience for students across Europe.
  • Interactive workshops, led by experts from Out of The Box Europe, NTT Data, and the European University Foundation, allowed participants to actively engage in the project’s vision.
  • The training presented findings from collaborative research efforts, offering key insights integral to the project mission.

Looking Ahead:

The next steps for the ESC Academy Pro project over the next 6 months were also presented, announcing developments and its activities.

Explore Further:

Visit the dedicated website here for detailed information about the project’s goals, mission, and collaborative efforts toward the future of digital education.

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