ESC ACADEMY PRO project update

ISIC Association will be implementing the EU-funded project ESC ACADEMY PRO in 2023-24. This project should significantly contribute to the realization of the ESC (European Student Card) initiative by improving the digital capacities of HE actors.
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The main objectives are to develop a needs assessment of the grass-root and policy practices at the national level on HE actors (associations, HEI, and students) related to the digitalization of Erasmus+ and the ESC; to create capacity building training activities to promote, disseminate and implement the ESC initiative in association to HEI and students; to foster the capacity of the various associations to encourage the digitalization of Erasmus+; to promote the project’s outputs by boosting the ESC initiative; and to create and put in place relevant policy mechanisms for the promotion of the European values and the acquisition of digital skills in the European Education Area.

The results will showcase the experience of HE stakeholders in European value promotion, the ESC initiative, digital competencies, and student participation.

Please find more details below:

Aim – development of skills required for the implementation of the European Student Card and digital Erasmus + nationally.

Duration: 24 months

Amount: 400 000 euros


Partner nameCountryAmountPercent
International Student Identity Card (ISIC Association)DK79,46019.86%
Global Youth and Student CommunityFR59,31014.83%
Eesti Üliõpilaskondade Liit MTÜEE59,56014.89%
OTB EuropePT68,80017.20%
TOTAL: 400,000100%

Over 4,000 institutions of higher learning in 37 countries participate in Erasmus+ mobilities, but not all of them enjoy the same level of IT infrastructure or skills. The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey from 2018 shows that only 39% of educators in the EU feel well prepared for using digital tools. The ESC ACADEMY PRO project aims at building up the transition towards the adoption of the ESC initiative by improving the digital capacities of HE actors.

Forecasted project activities:

  • Survey of existing models of promotion and integration of ESC/digitalization of Erasmus+ on a national level among member organizations of ESU and ISICA
  • Presentation of results at the 2023 ISIC Event with the participation of all stakeholders (inclusive of DG EAC)
  • Creation of guidelines (how to successfully onboard HEIs and other stakeholders in digitalization of Erasmus+) inclusive of adaptation of existing internal regulations (such as a graphic chart) to be better “fit for purpose”
  • “Training of multipliers” (=the Bootcamp) to disseminate guidelines
  • Running pilot projects in Estonia, Czech Republic, and France (=testing guidelines in practice and fine-tuning)
  • Presentation of results and start of wider scale implementation in late 2024 at the ESU`s Event taking place in Brussels with the participation of all stakeholders (inclusive of DG EAC).

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