Exciting Progress Update: EDU Home Project Gains Momentum

The first consortium meeting of the EDU Home project convened on February 6th, marking a pivotal moment in the project’s journey towards redefining students’ mobility experiences in Europe. All core partners from all over Europe participated in the consortium meeting: besides the International Student Identity Card Association – ISIC (Denmark), EDUCatt, the Association of University…

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ESC Tension 2: A Monthly Update

The first monthly meeting for ESC Tension 2 happened online on January 23rd, marking a big step in the project. ISICA, leading Work Package 2 (WP2), has successfully developed the IAP, set to be released by the end of January. This plan is crucial for the project, paving the way for future activities. Activity 2,…

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ESC ACADEMY PRO Evaluation Seminar for the Multipliers

ESC ACADEMY PRO Evaluation Seminar for the Multipliers will take place in Tallinn, Estonia 24th -27th of April. The aim of the evaluation seminar is to gather the participants from Training for Local Multipliers held in November 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic in a space provided for discussions, evaluation, and creation of recommendations, that will…

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