Marina Dizdarević

Empowering Digital Education: Highlights from ESC Academy Pro Training in Prague!

ESC Academy Pro is on a mission to drive the adoption of the European Student Card initiative, leading Higher Education into a more streamlined and advanced digital landscape. Project partners, including the European Students’ Union, International Student Identity Card, Global Youth and Student Community, Federation of Estonian Student Unions, Student Chamber of the Council of…

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ISIC Event Prague 2023: Celebrating 70 Years Together!

The ISIC Event Prague 2023 took place at the modern Stages Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, from November 6th to November 10th. It was a special celebration for ISIC’s 70th Anniversary, bringing together the ISIC Community and its partners. The Event officially started with a welcome reception hosted at Stages Hotel, graced by esteemed figures…

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European Student Card (ESC) Initiative training

The European Student Card (ESC) Initiative training is scheduled to take place on Friday, November 10, and Saturday, November 11. This two-day program, organized under the auspices of the EU-funded ESC Academy Pro project, will bring together over 50 representatives from member organizations of the European Students’ Union (ESU), the ISIC Association, as well as…

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