Marina Dizdarević

Exciting Collaboration Redefines ISIC Boundaries!

We’re thrilled to share that each day, ISIC becomes an increasingly essential companion for students. Introducing a groundbreaking initiative: students and youth now have the convenience of paying expenses in any currency worldwide. This is made possible through a multicurrency cobranded ISIC and IYTC card, a product of a dynamic collaboration between ISIC India and…

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ESC Tension 2 – New Project

ISIC Association took part in the kick-off meeting of the new EU-funded project “Esc-Tension 2 – Accelerating ESC Adoption in the EEA”, held in Brussels, on 27 November 2023.  This project is financed under the KA2 Cooperation partnerships in Higher Education and will be coordinated by the ENDISU Foundation (Italy). In principle, ESC-tension 2 is…

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Empowering Digital Education: Highlights from ESC Academy Pro Training in Prague!

ESC Academy Pro is on a mission to drive the adoption of the European Student Card initiative, leading Higher Education into a more streamlined and advanced digital landscape. Project partners, including the European Students’ Union, International Student Identity Card, Global Youth and Student Community, Federation of Estonian Student Unions, Student Chamber of the Council of…

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