ESC Academy Pro Evaluation Seminar for Multipliers – Tallinn, Estonia

In April, the ESC Academy Pro Evaluation Seminar for multipliers took place in Tallinn, Estonia. The seminar gathered project partners in a collaborative environment designed for thorough evaluation and the formulation of recommendations, which will inform the development of a policy brief.

Representatives of the OTB presented all the work packages, showcasing completed tasks and outlining future objectives. Furthermore, the seminar was continued by the partners’ presentations who shared insights and conclusions from their local workshops held in February (Estonia and Czech Republic) and March (France). Each partner also introduced a new project idea for future collaboration.

During the seminar, Hrvoje Grganović, the Sector Consulting Manager of NTT Data, explained the ESC context. His presentation covered the ESC’s background, current status, 2023 advancements, 2024 plans, functionality, and future vision. The ESC aims to streamline student identification and access to services, enhancing mobility and fostering a European student identity.

The seminar concluded with the ESC Academy Pro Consortium Meeting, where the evaluation of completed activities and results, as well as ongoing management and coordination activities like Quality Assurance and Monitoring, were discussed. The meeting also set the stage for the next steps, initiating dissemination and policy actions as planned by the consortium. The photos from the seminar are accessible below.

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