ESC Tension 2: A Monthly Update

The first monthly meeting for ESC Tension 2 happened online on January 23rd, marking a big step in the project. ISICA, leading Work Package 2 (WP2), has successfully developed the IAP, set to be released by the end of January. This plan is crucial for the project, paving the way for future activities.

Activity 2, looking at the key elements of the Students’ Journey, will take 5 months, from January to May 2024. Once the IAP is out, a detailed plan will follow, defining the journey’s key elements and features by May 2024.

Activity 3, involving mapping and comparing services against ESC, starts in April 2024 and last until August 2024.

ESC-tension 2 is the follow-up of the previous project ESC-tension, coordinated by ENDISU Foundation. Thanks to the initial project, a multilingual platform has been set up to provide new operational tools for HEIs to facilitate the harmonization of university cards with ESC standards, and for Student Service Providers to make student services ESC-friendly.

ESC-tension 2 will develop a series of materials that plan to raise students’ awareness of the potential of ESC, providing training packages and operational tools that guide and encourage students in their concrete use of ESC.

The duration of the project is of 30 months, from November 2023 to April 2026 and its partners are the following: the project coordinator Fondazione ENDISU (Italy), ISIC – the International Student Identity Card Association (Denmark), Normandie Université (France), Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), ECCA – the European Campus Card Association (Ireland) and ESN – the European Student Network (Belgium).

The project is financed under the KA2 Cooperation partnerships in Higher Education and is coordinated by the ENDISU Foundation (Italy).

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