ESC ACADEMY PRO Evaluation Seminar for the Multipliers

ESC ACADEMY PRO Evaluation Seminar for the Multipliers will take place in Tallinn, Estonia 24th -27th of April.

The aim of the evaluation seminar is to gather the participants from Training for Local Multipliers held in November 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic in a space provided for discussions, evaluation, and creation of recommendations, that will later feed into the policy brief. The 4 days seminar, and will be organised jointly by FESU, OTB, and ISIC, with all partners contributing.

Together with the Evaluation seminar, the ESC Academy Pro Consortium Meeting will be organized, where the evaluation of completed activities and results, as well as the ongoing management and coordination activities- Quality Assurance and Monitoring will be overseen. The meeting will also serve as a pivoting point in the establishment of the next activities, kickstarting the dissemination and policy actions as foreseen by the consortium.

For more information about the project, please visit the following link.

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