What is ISIC?

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is the only globally accepted, with 70 years of history, and UNESCO-endorsed proof of bona fide student status. It can be distributed as a standalone product (in the form of a plastic card or digital ID) offering scholars and students access to fantastic benefits and services all over the world but it too can be developed into a cobranded product in many different ways:

  • With educational institutions:
    • It can serve as a student status proof of an educational institution and can be integrated into its infrastructure.
  • With financial institutions:
    • It can be co-branded with a bank or a commercial institution and serve as a payment card.
  • With transport companies:
    • It can serve as your city, regional, or national transportation card.

Distribution network of ISIC

The ISIC is distributed in more than 100 countries through a network of ISIC Exclusive Representatives (ERs), Provisional Exclusive Representatives (PERs), or Appointed Offices (AOs). Exclusive Representatives and Provisional Exclusive Representatives have the exclusive authority and responsibility to distribute, promote, and develop the ISIC within their territory, however, the Exclusive Representative status is rewarded upon successful development, promotion, and distribution of ISIC in a country as a PER.

We are now looking for an organization or company to become the Provisional Exclusive Representative (PER) for the following two countries:

  • South Africa
  • Indonesia

Once appointed, the PER will be responsible for the development of ISIC in its respective territory and cover the following activities:

  1. creation of an ISIC distribution network (online and offline), This would include the issuance of ISICs to students through their own outlets or via external organizations such as universities, financial institutions, travel agents, student organizations, etc….
  2. development of a discount and benefit network for local and foreign ISIC holders
  3. cooperation with education, financial, transportation, and other institutions (including local and central governments) to develop a multifunctional, technologically advanced ISIC
  4. marketing and promo activities.

ISIC concept

ISIC is a great concept, either as a standalone product or, more often, as a product co-branded with other local or global brands and initiatives. The co-brands are possible in both ways, as traditional plastic card and as digital ID integrated into existing apps and infrastructures.

For more inspiration watch the video on the history of ISIC that was made for the 70th anniversary of ISIC

If you are interested in becoming a member of the expanding ISIC Community, we invite you to send the Expression of Interest (EOI) by 12 February to

More details about the process itself can be found on or just contact for any additional information.

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