ISIC partners with Samsung Electronics to launch ISIC card in Samsung Wallet

International Student Identity Card (ISIC), the world’s leading student identification provider, is excited to announce its collaboration with Samsung Electronics to introduce the ISIC card to the Samsung Wallet. With this new partnership, students in South Korea can now enjoy the convenience of carrying their ISIC cards in their digital wallet.

On 29th June 2023, Samsung Electronics rolled out an update to the Samsung Pay app on their phones sold in South Korea, which included the highly anticipated integration of the ISIC card into the Samsung Wallet. The issuance process is remarkably straightforward: after updating Samsung Pay to the latest version, students can add their ISIC card by entering the unique customer identification number, issued on the ISIC website, in the Mobile ID menu within the app.

The digital ID shows the student’s name, date of birth, academic institution and the card’s validity and contains the QR code for the electronic verification of the student status. Furthermore, staff can easily verify the authenticity of the ID through the animated hologram displayed on the student card.

The next phase of this partnership will see the launch of a Samsung Pay functionality for ISIC cards issued in cooperation with banks that will enable contactless payments.

Empowering Student Life with Greater Convenience

The partnership between ISIC and Samsung Electronics aims to empower students with greater convenience and accessibility. By seamlessly integrating ISIC cards into Samsung Wallet, students can now enjoy exclusive benefits and thousands of discounts in 113 countries right at their fingertips.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Samsung Electronics to bring ISIC to the Samsung Wallet,” said Radek Klein, the IT Manager of ISIC Association. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance the student experience by providing them with a digital, secure, and globally recognized student identification solution. With Samsung’s wide-reaching user base, we can now reach even more students and support their academic journey with unmatched convenience.”

Extensive Media Coverage

The launch of the ISIC card in Samsung Wallet garnered significant attention from South Korean media. Korea’s main TV news and various media outlets reported on Samsung Electronics’ ISIC wallet service, highlighting the potential impact it will have on students’ lives and international experiences.

For students in South Korea, this marks a pivotal moment as they can now enjoy the benefits of a digital student ID, simplifying their lives and unlocking a world of discounts and opportunities with just a tap on their Samsung phones.

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