ISIC Association and Edureka Combine Efforts to Enable Students with Cutting-Edge Tech Education

ISIC Association continues with good practice and this time partnered with Edureka, a leading global e-learning platform specializing in live, instructor-led training in trending technologies. This collaboration aims to provide ISIC cardholders with exceptional benefits, including a flat 25% discount on all Edureka Certification and Master Courses. With Edureka’s comprehensive range of courses and the ISIC Association’s commitment to empowering students, this partnership promises to enhance the learning journey for students worldwide.

The partnership between the ISIC Association and Edureka opens up a world of possibilities for ISIC cardholders. With a flat 25% discount on Edureka Certification and Master Courses, students can now embark on a journey of continuous learning and upskilling in trending technologies. This collaboration strengthens the value proposition of the ISIC card and reinforces Edureka’s commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive e-learning solutions. As the partnership evolves, students can look forward to more opportunities and discounts, ensuring that their learning needs are met while enjoying the benefits of being an ISIC cardholder.

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