European Student Card – ESC Academy Pro Survey

The European Student`s Union and the ISIC Association are developing the ESC ACADEMY PRO project, financially supported by the European Commission. The ESC ACADEMY PRO project aims at supporting the transition towards the adoption of the European Student Card initiative (ESCI) by improving the digital capacities of higher educational stakeholders (associations, educational institutions, and students).

The first, and mission-critical activity is to gain in-depth understanding of the awareness and experience with the national implementation of ESCI among:

1) ISIC member organizations

2) our academic partners (HEIs) and

3) our beneficiaries – students.

For that purpose, we have developed 3 questionnaires for our European members (one per each group of stakeholders) and launched the survey in late April.

This survey is complementary to the deployment of the European Student Card for which a wide survey, led by the European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC), was carried out in the last Quarter of 2022 – and that will be renewed in the last Quarter of 2023.

In this context – the specific objective is to develop an understanding of the knowledge and needs of all higher educational stakeholders at the national level related to the digitalization of Erasmus+ and the ESCI.

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