The game is on!

ISIC Association has recently established a collaboration with GAMIVO, an online platform offering a wide range of digital goods at competitive prices. This partnership is set to provide students and cardholders with exclusive benefits and discounts on video games, software, gift cards, and more. With GAMIVO’s impressive growth in the market, this cooperation promises to bring added value to ISIC cardholders worldwide. To learn more about this incredible offer, please visit our Discounts section.

GAMIVO, founded in 2017, has quickly risen to become one of the leading platforms for purchasing video games, software, and other digital products. With an extensive catalog featuring the latest AAA hits, timeless classics, and convenient top-ups for popular streaming services, GAMIVO has attracted over 5 million registered users and facilitated the sale of over 21.5 million products.

Additionally, this partnership aims to enhance the overall student experience by connecting them to a diverse community of gamers and digital enthusiasts. Through GAMIVO’s social media, students can engage with fellow gamers, share experiences, and explore a wide range of digital content, creating a vibrant ecosystem for like-minded individuals.

As the partnership continues to evolve, students can look forward to more opportunities and discounts, ensuring that their digital needs are met while enjoying the benefits of being an ISIC cardholder.

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